Our next event will be held in June of 2021.​

The Recycle-Reread program gives students a chance to add “new” books to their personal reading collections.   Last year’s R-R was a huge success and we’d like to try it again.  It works like this:
  • Parents and students are asked to collect any books from home that they are no longer reading and that are still in good condition.  No magazines please.
  • Students bring these books to school anytime between Monday and Friday the week before the event.  Teachers will keep track of how many books each student brings in. Books must be in good condition and grade appropriate.  For example, students in grade four would be expected to bring in reading materials at about that grade level.
  • The books will be picked up by library helpers on the Monday of the event week,  sorted by age-appropriateness and then put out for display in the library.
  • For each book students bring to school for the Recycle-Reread campaign they will be given the opportunity to exchange for a book of their choice.  Students with large numbers of books will be encouraged to share some of their choices with friends or classmates who might not have books to exchange.  It will be our goal for each child to go home with at least one “new” book.
  • During the event, classes will come to the library during their book exchange time to view the books and students will make their selections.
Parent volunteers are needed to help make this program a success. If you can give us a hand sorting books, please leave a message for Ms. Lundquist at 250-870-5126.  In addition, if you have books that you would like to donate (as opposed to exchange), you can send them directly to the school library.  Thanks so much for your support!